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The Gift of Pure Water—for Everyone On Your Holiday List!

Thoughtful gifts aren’t always easy to figure out . Everyone has different preferences, so it’s hard to guess what they’ll like best. That’s why we’re all for keeping things simple during the holidays: Give the gift of pure water!5 Reasons to Give Pure Water for the HolidaysA good home water system covers all of the […]

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Do Water Softeners Remove Chlorine?

When you start looking into water quality, one of the biggest concerns that pops up is usually chlorine. The water treatment plants add chlorine to our water as a disinfectant. So if you don’t have a way to filter the chlorine out, you’ll end up drinking chlorine and using chlorinated water for your showers, the […]

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Want a Better Hot Shower? Check Your Water!

Running out of hot water in the shower is never fun, especially during the colder months. How is your water heater holding up? When the temperatures drop outside, we still want to be warm and cozy indoors. This means having comfortable heating settings for each room and hot water at every faucet. If your family […]

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The Bizarre History of Chlorine and Our Drinking Water

Nearly every water treatment facility in the United States relies on chlorine disinfection. It’s been an effective water treatment method for over one hundred years, but recent scientific developments are causing many people to have new questions. When we look back on chlorine’s history, the so-called benefits may not be as “clean” as we initially […]

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I Have RO Water—Do I Still Need a Water Softener?

A lot of people prefer the taste of water filtered by reverse osmosis (or “RO” for short). It’s a healthier and safer kind of drinking water, but it isn’t the only kind of water in our homes. Sure, a powerful water filter is great in the kitchen, but an RO filter only helps the water […]

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Water Softening vs. Water Filtering

A lot of homeowners are confused about what a softener does for their water. How are water softeners different from filtration systems? And what good is a softener if you have a drinking water filter already set up? This week, we’re breaking down the Do’s and Don’ts of each system—that is, what do water softeners […]

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