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The Bizarre History of Chlorine and Our Drinking Water

Nearly every water treatment facility in the United States relies on chlorine disinfection. It’s been an effective water treatment method for over one hundred years, but recent scientific developments are causing many people to have new questions. When we look back on chlorine’s history, the so-called benefits may not be as “clean” as we initially […]

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What’s in My Water: Greenwood

Indy Soft Water is proud to service the Greenwood area! Questions about the kind of water system that might be best for your home? We’ve got you covered. The water quality in Greenwood has a few key concerns. Knowing which contaminants are in your tap water will help you figure out the best way to […]

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What’s in My Water: Chlorine

We typically think of chlorine being in pool water. It acts as a disinfectant, so we use it to eliminate germs where we swim. But without a proper filtration system, chlorine is often closer than we realize. It’s not just in swimming pools—you can also find chlorine in your tap water, shower water, and…your family’s drinking water. Our municipal drinking […]

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