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When to Choose Water Softener Rental vs Buying

Living with hard water isn’t just hard on our skin and hair. It also interferes with all of the water-using appliances in our homes. The mineral buildups left behind by hard water can ruin the efficiency of water heaters and dishwashing machines. You’ll also be dealing with scratchy laundry and those hard, crusty minerals on […]

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How Does a Water Softener Rental Work?

You’ve been thinking about making the switch to soft water, but something is still holding you back. The timing isn’t quite right for making a new investment. Or maybe you’re planning to move in a year or two. Then again, you might still be wondering whether soft water is really all that better than regular […]

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When Is It Better to Rent a Water Softener?

When you know you have hard water and you’re ready to get a softener, the next step is figuring out how you want to use it. Should you buy your unit, or rent it? Knowing whether to buy or rent can be a lot more involved than just figuring out how long you’ll be at […]

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