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Why Is My Water Softener Full of Water?

Water softeners go through multiple steps to turn hard tap water into clean soft water, and seeing a small amount of water in the tank isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. There’s a portion of the regeneration cycle that has a minimal amount of water in the tank. But if you have a tank full […]

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How Does a Water Softener Rental Work?

You’ve been thinking about making the switch to soft water, but something is still holding you back. The timing isn’t quite right for making a new investment. Or maybe you’re planning to move in a year or two. Then again, you might still be wondering whether soft water is really all that better than regular […]

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Water Softener Questions to Ask Before You Make Repairs

Dealing with hard water when you have a broken water softener gets old fast. But how do you know when it’s better to spring for water softener repair instead of a brand-new unit? (Spoiler: There’s more than just a price tag at play.) The Repair vs. Replace Debate Deciding when to repair or replace an […]

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When Is It Better to Rent a Water Softener?

When you know you have hard water and you’re ready to get a softener, the next step is figuring out how you want to use it. Should you buy your unit, or rent it? Knowing whether to buy or rent can be a lot more involved than just figuring out how long you’ll be at […]

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