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Indy Water Case Study: St. Monica Catholic School

With concerns about safe school water rising in recent years, we were really happy to hear from St. Monica Catholic School last fall. As a leader in school health and wellness, they wanted to make sure the water in their facility was top-notch and tasty. About St. Monica: St. Monica School is known for its […]

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Top 5 Holiday Activities—Our Family Traditions in Indy

This year we’ve been sharing a lot of great soft water and water filtration info on our blog, but as a family-owned business, it’s nice to take some time out at the end of the year to show you a little more of our “behind the scenes” at Indy Soft Water. The holiday season is […]

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Compost in Our Community

This spring, we’re spreading the love of sustainability throughout our community! We’ve teamed up with St. Monica in Indianapolis to help educate their students on the importance of environmental responsibility. We were the primary funders for the school’s new recycle/compost bin, and we’re looking forward to seeing the impact. Are you, your family, office, church, or […]

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