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7 Reasons Why Homes Run Better with Soft Water

Yes, all water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. But oftentimes, your tap water will also come with some extra “ingredients.” The most common ones are the hard water minerals calcium and magnesium. You’re probably getting a good dose of chlorine in your water too. If you want to get back to basics—that is, […]

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Soft Water Treatments for Eczema

Finding relief for eczema symptoms is no easy task because the problem is persistent. This is especially true during the winter months, when dry air and cold weather can be harsh on anyone’s skin. To care for these conditions, a combination of different treatment methods seems to have the best results. That’s why we can’t […]

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How Water Affects Your Home Appliances

There’s more to filtered water than health benefits and a better taste. Did you know that having clean water is also good for your home appliances? Problems with Hard Water Hard water causes the crusty deposits and cloudy films on your dishes. The minerals in un-softened water (calcium and magnesium, especially) stick to surfaces and […]

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