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The 7 Best Perks of Soft Water

If you’ve had your water softener for a while, you may have forgotten all the fun perks you’re getting with soft water! Using softened water around your home makes a real difference in your daily upkeep. Can’t recall what it was like to have hard water? We’ll jog your memory with our 7 favorite soft […]

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Why Do I Have Soap Scum?

Soap scum is that sticky white film around your sinks or in your bathroom. If you have hard water and you use bar soap in the shower, you’re bound to see soap scum buildup around your tub or a cloudy film on your shower door. You might even notice it on your skin or in your hair too. […]

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I Got a Water Softener—Now What?

Congratulations! You got a water softener! Goodbye, water spots. So long, soap scum. But do you really know what you’re in for? Softened water is dramatically different than hard water. And if you’ve never had soft water before, you need to know how to use it. Save on Soap Soap loves soft water. You’ll see […]

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