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Calming Effects of Hydration for Children

It’s hard to ignore the effects of severe dehydration. You’re extremely thirsty, and your mouth is probably dry. You might feel lightheaded or more tired than usual. We know that being dehydrated is uncomfortable, but we must remember that the consequences of dehydration can start even before those physical symptoms kick in. Your mood can […]

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Indy Water Case Study: St. Monica Catholic School

With concerns about safe school water rising in recent years, we were really happy to hear from St. Monica Catholic School last fall. As a leader in school health and wellness, they wanted to make sure the water in their facility was top-notch and tasty. About St. Monica: St. Monica School is known for its […]

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How Lead Enters School Drinking Water—and How to Stop It

Areas all across the country are still showing concerns about whether there’s lead in their drinking water. It makes total sense. New findings of lead in tap water have many families wondering if their children are at risk of being exposed. Not just at home, but at school too.While we can take measures to protect […]

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