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What’s Better—RO Water Filters or UV Filtration?

Finding the best water filtration method tends to come down to two factors. First, we need to understand the water quality issues that are currently happening at your property. Then we’ll want to know about your personal preferences for taste and energy efficiency.Reverse osmosis (RO) water filters and ultraviolet (UV) treatment solutions are two types […]

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4 Signs Your RO System Is Due for Maintenance

Families living with an RO filter can enjoy some great benefits with their drinking water! To get the most out of your filtration system, though, it’s important to watch out for some general RO system maintenance.When’s the Right Time for RO System Repairs?We love RO filters because they give us peace of mind that our […]

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New Health Risks Linked to Pesticides in Drinking Water

Water is vital to our health and very existence, but without the proper filtration it can damage our bodies. We get a lot of questions from our neighbors and customers relating to water contaminants. This week, we’re taking a look at pesticides in our drinking water. Recent studies have linked pesticides to birth defects, cancer, […]

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