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How to Get Rid of Parasites in Water (for Good)

As people in Texas experienced devastating power outages in February 2021, the focus wasn’t just on electricity. There were major concerns about water quality too. Even if you were able to get water at your tap, it wouldn’t necessarily be clean. The water treatment plants couldn’t function without power, so the state issued boil-water notices […]

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3 Signs Your RO Water Filter Needs to Be Swapped Out

There are certain maintenance issues that are easy to remember. For example, most of us know when it’s time to change the oil in our car. Or we might have reminders for swapping out the air filter for our home’s HVAC system. Remembering to change your RO water filter can be another matter. But when […]

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The Safe Way to Wash Produce

Ever wonder if you’re actually washing your produce the “right” way? It’s easy to get spooked about foodborne illnesses, but will rinsing fruit and veggies even make that much of a difference? The truth is—it does! Plenty of food specialists have run tests to prove that you can remove 98 percent of bacteria by thoroughly washing produce […]

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Gas Station Impacts on Our Local Water Supply

From running errands to running the lawnmower, gas fuels most of what we do in modern life. It’s a big part of our every day, though sometimes it can be good to get a little distance. We don’t really need a gas station on every other street corner, do we? Sure, convenience is nice, but […]

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