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Can I Water My Plants with Soft Water?

Your house plants can really brighten up a space. They’re a symbol of vitality. But only if we can keep them healthy! A sad and yellow or wilted plant isn’t doing anyone any good. A little sun and the right type of water can help them thrive. About Tap Water for House Plants Water is […]

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How to Use Your Water Softener’s Bypass Valve

More likely than not, the best water softener for your home is going to boast a high efficiency rating. These units are great because they use less salt (and often less water) to turn your hard tap water into soft water. At some point, though, you might actually want to turn your system off. That’s […]

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Top Ways to Save on High Summer Water Bills

Water usage always seems to spike in the summertime, but there are some easy ways to keep costs low even during the busy months. These top five tips (for using both outdoor and indoor water) can help homeowners curb water waste for good. So you can start feeling good about saving water—and your bank account—for […]

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5 Reasons to Collect Rainwater: The Original Soft Water

Rain barrels are enjoying a new surge in popularity, and we’re so glad to see them making a comeback! Generations ago, harvesting rainwater was common practice. The recent drought prevention efforts have made water conservation methods and rainwater collection more and more mainstream. Rain barrels are just another great example of the old becoming new again. They […]

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