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Now’s the Time: Get Your School Drinking Water Tested

As school maintenance crews gear up for summer and upgrades around the campus, there’s one area that shouldn’t get overlooked. Your school drinking water quality needs to be tested on a regular basis to ensure that it’s safe. The summer season is the perfect time to get that done. Then you can make your school […]

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Workplace Water: Point-of-Use Systems Always Win

We all know that the “water cooler” is a cornerstone of any office space. It’s partly social, and it’s even more important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Plus, we just want to stretch our legs if we’re working from a desk! (Or grab a seat for those of us who are always on our […]

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Save Your Money—Bottled Water Isn’t Any Better Than Tap Water

You’re making healthy choices by choosing to drink water. That’s great! But it shouldn’t come with a high price tag. When you get down to it, there really are “right” and “wrong” ways to hydrate throughout the day. The Cost of Plastic Bottled WaterPlenty of organizations have run the numbers comparing the costs of plastic bottled […]

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Cheers! How Water Can Boost Company Morale

You don’t usually need complicated incentive programs to give your company morale a boost. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. Just take the idea of a micro-break, an optional 5- to 10-minute respite that employees can take anytime they need. Feeling frazzled or overwhelmed at work doesn’t do us any good. But a short […]

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