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What’s This Green Stuff on My Faucet?

The hard, crusty buildup on faucets sure doesn’t help the “spotless” look we’re going for in a bathroom. If you’re struggling with keeping that green or aquamarine mineral buildup at bay, check out some of these cleaning tips.Really want to go the extra-mile? We’ll even explain why the stuff is layering up in the first […]

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Indy Soft Water Explains: Water Filtration Words

Freshen up your Indianapolis water knowledge with our handy water word glossary! Understand these 12 water words, and you’ll master the soft water and water filtration lingo like a pro. Activated Carbon This is the main ingredient of basic water filters. Pitcher filters use activated carbon to adsorb—or chemically attract—certain substances into the carbon’s tiny pores. These simple […]

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