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Top 3 Problems with Indiana Water

Just as every region in the country has its own unique perks with their scenery and different types of weather, they also have specific concerns with their water. Each state (and really, every county in every state) has certain water quality issues to address. Looking at Indiana Water QualityEveryone has a right to drink clean water, […]

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What Makes a Drinking Fountain Safe?

Having safe water fountains should always be a top priority for public health. We all need to stay hydrated, and public fountains help ensure that everyone has access to drinking water wherever they are. Unfortunately, the fountains we currently see installed may be doing more harm than good. Is Your Public Water Fountain Safe? While […]

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5 Hacks for Better Coffee—at Home and the Office

Coffee is one of those special treats that can be prepared in a dozen different ways. You can brew it with a cute French press, try your hand at pour over coffee, or go fuss-free with a Keurig machine (our fav at the office). Whatever your preferred method, fixing your own cup of coffee isn’t just economical—it also helps you […]

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5 Water Contaminants with Health Risks for Children

Drinking water contaminants are a concern for everyone. No one wants microbial cysts or lead in their tap water, but it’s even more important to remove them for our children. Understanding the risk factors with unfiltered water and how to prevent them can help keep your young ones safely hydrated. Compared to adults, children are more susceptible to toxic […]

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What Carbon Water Filters Actually Remove

We all want delicious drinking water, but just saying that water is “filtered” isn’t good enough. Every filtration method works a different way. You simply can’t rely on basic carbon filters to tackle the tough contaminants. They might help a little with taste, but at the end of the day—you’ll be better off with a […]

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How Lead Enters School Drinking Water—and How to Stop It

Areas all across the country are still showing concerns about whether there’s lead in their drinking water. It makes total sense. New findings of lead in tap water have many families wondering if their children are at risk of being exposed. Not just at home, but at school too.While we can take measures to protect […]

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