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Do You Still Need Fabric Softener If You Have Soft Water?

How you do your laundry can have a significant impact the items in your wardrobe. Softer clothes are usually comfier clothes! But if you’ve been relying on fabric softener for years, you might want to rethink your system. You can actually get benefits all around your home just by enhancing your water quality.Switching Your Laundry […]

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Laundry Tip: How to Keep Clothes from Fading

If you’re having problems with colors fading in the wash, don’t bother with fancy detergents. For keeping your darks dark and brights bright, all your laundry really needs is a little extra TLC. 4 Ways to Protect Laundry Colors Colors fade from our clothing for a few simple reasons. Once you know what they are, […]

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