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Does Drinking Infused Water Make a Difference?

Good, clean water always beats out sugary drinks when it comes to health and wellness. The question, then, is what kind of water is best? Does infused water make that much of a difference compared to drinking regular filtered water?  5 Benefits of Drinking Infused WaterThe first thing to note is that infused water is basically […]

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Clever Ways to Help Kids Enjoy Drinking Water

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated by drinking water, but sometimes it’s hard to get our kids to see eye-to-eye. And now that we’re in the summer months, there are even more reasons to value clean drinking water. If you’re worried about keeping your kids happily hydrated, we’ve got a few tricks. […]

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The Elements of a Cozy Winter Home

After the holidays, the winter weather can start to take a toll on our spirits. The weeks of dry winter air, dry skin, and chapped lips are harder to overlook once the new year sets in. But this halfway point for winter doesn’t have to be a drag. When you’ve got the right cozy home setup, […]

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Mind and Body Benefits of (Infused) Drinking Water

Healthy fads come and go, but if one thing is constant, it’s water. Staying hydrated does a world of good for our minds and bodies. Yet, all too often, we’re dehydrated without realizing it! Sipping on water throughout the day shouldn’t feel like a chore when it’s filtered and tastes good.  But if that clean glass […]

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7 Tasty Detox Waters for Your Health Cleanse

A resolution to drink more water is a smart (and easy) way to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. But limiting your caffeine and sugar intake doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. Water can still give your taste buds a treat. The best water infusion recipes will give your glass some big flavor! How to Make Infused […]

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