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13 Reasons to Stop Buying Bottled Water

Leading a healthy lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with hydration. But all too often, people end up reaching for bottled water. There are so many better ways to get your drinking water! If you have the option to make a change, stop buying plastic water bottles. You’ll be doing the planet—and frankly, your budget—a real solid. 13 Facts […]

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Mind and Body Benefits of (Infused) Drinking Water

Healthy fads come and go, but if one thing is constant, it’s water. Staying hydrated does a world of good for our minds and bodies. Yet, all too often, we’re dehydrated without realizing it! Sipping on water throughout the day shouldn’t feel like a chore when it’s filtered and tastes good.  But if that clean glass […]

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7 Tasty Detox Waters for Your Health Cleanse

A resolution to drink more water is a smart (and easy) way to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. But limiting your caffeine and sugar intake doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. Water can still give your taste buds a treat. The best water infusion recipes will give your glass some big flavor! How to Make Infused […]

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New Health Risks Linked to Pesticides in Drinking Water

Water is vital to our health and very existence, but without the proper filtration it can damage our bodies. We get a lot of questions from our neighbors and customers relating to water contaminants. This week, we’re taking a look at pesticides in our drinking water. Recent studies have linked pesticides to birth defects, cancer, […]

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Are You Drinking the Wrong Water for Your Workout?

Whether you’re headed to the gym, jogging or biking outside, or cheering the kids on at the weekend soccer game, you know that hydration is key. It’s impossible to have a good workout—or climb, if you’re like our family—without a good source of water nearby. But why do so many of us opt for the […]

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Do We Need Minerals in Our Drinking Water?

Our tap water contains different minerals that naturally dissolved into the water at its source. They’re not exactly bad to drink, but they aren’t really necessary either. Your tap water can have traces of iron, potassium, and sodium in it, as well as calcium and magnesium (the minerals associated with hard water). It’s those last […]

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