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April Showers: Indiana Groundwater

Rainy days and thunderstorms might not always be convenient for our plans to get outdoors, but they’re actually a cause to celebrate! Consistent rainfall with spring showers is what keeps our Indiana groundwater supply at healthy levels. And without a reliable source of groundwater, our entire supply of freshwater would be put at risk.It’s all […]

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World Water Day 2022: Groundwater Sustainability

The annual World Water Day first launched in 1993, and it’s designed to raise awareness for the 2 billion people who are currently living without access to safe water. That being said, it’s also a celebration for water’s role in all of our lives!A key component of that is to understand how we can protect […]

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Gas Station Impacts on Our Local Water Supply

From running errands to running the lawnmower, gas fuels most of what we do in modern life. It’s a big part of our every day, though sometimes it can be good to get a little distance. We don’t really need a gas station on every other street corner, do we? Sure, convenience is nice, but […]

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