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Why Is My Water Softener Full of Water?

Water softeners go through multiple steps to turn hard tap water into clean soft water, and seeing a small amount of water in the tank isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. There’s a portion of the regeneration cycle that has a minimal amount of water in the tank. But if you have a tank full […]

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When to Choose Water Softener Rental vs Buying

Living with hard water isn’t just hard on our skin and hair. It also interferes with all of the water-using appliances in our homes. The mineral buildups left behind by hard water can ruin the efficiency of water heaters and dishwashing machines. You’ll also be dealing with scratchy laundry and those hard, crusty minerals on […]

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Water Softener Questions to Ask Before You Make Repairs

Dealing with hard water when you have a broken water softener gets old fast. But how do you know when it’s better to spring for water softener repair instead of a brand-new unit? (Spoiler: There’s more than just a price tag at play.) The Repair vs. Replace Debate Deciding when to repair or replace an […]

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