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The Soft Water Difference for Well-Nourished Hair

It’s time to rethink your routine for keeping your hair clean, strong, and smooth. And that secret solution won’t necessarily come from a bottle. How you wash your hair actually starts right when it gets wet. If you’re using hard water for your hair instead of soft water, then your hair products will definitely be […]

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How to Revive Your Chlorine-Damaged Hair

Taking a dip in the pool is synonymous with any summer day. But what happens when your hair care starts to get affected by chlorine? Dry, damaged locks are never any fun—whether you’re in the sun or not! Fortunately, there are some relatively simple fixes for keeping your hair smooth and silky, even when you […]

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What Hard Water Does to Hair

Dry hair shouldn’t have to be a part of your daily routine. When it comes to hair care, though, a lot of factors are in play. How you style your look, the weather (humidity frizz, anyone?) and where you live can all make an impact. But before you blame your blow dryer for damaged hair, […]

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Beat Dry Hair with Soft Water vs. Hard Water

If your hair feels more brittle or damaged in the summer months, don’t be too quick to blame your blow dryer. Strange as it may sound, the real issue for dry hair comes down to what happens when your hair is wet. Washing your hair in hard water or soft water plays a big role […]

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