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Why Your Water Tastes Like…Something Else

Clean, pure, and refreshing. That’s how our drinking water is supposed to taste. So when water tastes like something else, you know it’s time to do a little investigating. Once we figure out the source of the problem, we’ll start exploring the filtration options that can clear up your water for good!7 Types of Weird […]

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Filter Options for Minerals in Your Drinking Water

When water doesn’t taste good, it’s all too easy to reach for something else to drink. But since clean drinking water is one of the best things for us, avoiding water altogether can certainly be a problem. If your tap water tastes bad, you don’t need to pour money into bottled water. Having a home […]

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Calming Effects of Hydration for Children

It’s hard to ignore the effects of severe dehydration. You’re extremely thirsty, and your mouth is probably dry. You might feel lightheaded or more tired than usual. We know that being dehydrated is uncomfortable, but we must remember that the consequences of dehydration can start even before those physical symptoms kick in. Your mood can […]

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