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April Showers: Indiana Groundwater

Rainy days and thunderstorms might not always be convenient for our plans to get outdoors, but they’re actually a cause to celebrate! Consistent rainfall with spring showers is what keeps our Indiana groundwater supply at healthy levels. And without a reliable source of groundwater, our entire supply of freshwater would be put at risk.It’s all […]

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Carmel Water Quality and Filtration Solutions

All across the country, when you go to different cities, there are different things to see. Every area has its own unique characteristics. You’ll even notice differences with the water. From the water in your morning shower to the ice in your drink, water quality changes depending on the area’s water treatment process and other […]

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Why Do I Have Soap Scum?

Soap scum is that sticky white film around your sinks or in your bathroom. If you have hard water and you use bar soap in the shower, you’re bound to see soap scum buildup around your tub or a cloudy film on your shower door. You might even notice it on your skin or in your hair too. […]

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Beat Dry Hair with Soft Water vs. Hard Water

If your hair feels more brittle or damaged in the summer months, don’t be too quick to blame your blow dryer. Strange as it may sound, the real issue for dry hair comes down to what happens when your hair is wet. Washing your hair in hard water or soft water plays a big role […]

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My City Softens the Water—Do I Still Need To?

With hot summer days approaching and outdoor water usage rising, some homeowners need to watch more than just their water efficiency. This season’s activities might be also affecting your water’s hardness. If your city pre-softens its water during treatment, you need to consider how your water quality changes month to month with high demand.Some cities, […]

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