Now’s the Time: Get Your School Drinking Water Tested

As school maintenance crews gear up for summer and upgrades around the campus, there’s one area that shouldn’t get overlooked. Your school drinking water quality needs to be tested on a regular basis to ensure that it’s safe. The summer season is the perfect time to get that done. Then you can make your school water fountain and bottle filler upgrades before the kiddos come back in the fall!

Whether you’re on the school board, the facilities manager, or a parent, we all want our children and school staff members to have what they need to thrive. With truly efficient and eco-friendly water filtration systems, you can help ensure they’re getting the best drinking water possible.


Contamination Risks for School Drinking Water Fountains

While our municipal water treatment process is extremely effective, it isn’t fool-proof. That’s why there have been so many investigations and news features about lead-contaminated tap water in the past several years.

Even though our city water might be “clean” when it leaves the treatment plant, the journey through an outdated plumbing infrastructure can cause lead to leach into the water. Then, when that water finally reaches our tap and flows through the faucet, it’s not just good, clean H2O. It’s going to be carrying lead too. This is just one of the reasons why drinking water filtration is so important in our school systems.

School Point-of-Use Water Filtration Benefits

Today’s state-of-the-art bottle filler stations provide clean, filtered water around the clock. They work to remove those trace amounts of lead that might have been picked up in the pipelines. In addition, the filters can get rid of the chlorine that’s found in our typical tap water, as well as other tough contaminants that the water treatment plants simply can’t tackle.

The solutions can even help you save money! If you have students or staff onsite that are drinking bottled water from the store, you definitely want to get some point-of-use water dispensers installed. You might even be passing out bottled water in the cafeteria. Go with bottle fillers and reusable bottles instead. These quick filtration upgrades can help you stop throwing money away and protect your budget. Plus, you’re going to get great-tasting water!


Indy Soft Water School Bottle Filler Case Studies

We serve all types of residential and commercial clients at Indy Soft Water, and some of our favorites are school systems and educational centers. Proper hydration and safe drinking water are crucial for creating a happy and comfortable learning environment. We’re proud to say that our client features have been thrilled with their filtration upgrades.

1. St. Monica Catholic School – Indianapolis, Indiana

When we first partnered with St. Monica, they had two main concerns. First, they wanted to make sure that their drinking water was actually safe to drink. Second, they desperately wanted it to taste better!

The good news was that their drinking water tests showed that their water was lead-free. So after that, we moved forward with their school drinking water consultation. We ultimately decided to add eco-friendly bottle fillers at a few of their water fountains. It’s helped them reduce their plastic waste, and it’s also helped them promote hydration. When water tastes good, we naturally want to drink more of it.

2. Purdue Polytechnic High School – South Bend, Indiana

We worked through a site review at Purdue Polytechnic after their water quality report came back. Every school building is different, and there were multiple areas on the property that could accommodate a new filtration system. From the hallways, to the cafeteria and gymnasium, we identified a few key water access points that would work best for their layout. And once the new point-of-use filtration systems were up and running, the students even made a short video about how much they appreciate the upgrades!

3. Bierman ABA – Westfield, Indiana

The drinking water at Bierman ABA was unique because they relied on water delivery rather than tap water fountains. That’s because they wanted their kiddos to have truly clean water without the chlorine and other contaminant risks that can come with tap water. The downside, though, is that bottle jugs are expensive and storing them is inconvenient. Fortunately, we were able to design a better solution.

Making the move to high-production RO units gives them the pure, filtered water they want and need to help their students thrive. Being able to fill their reusable water bottles at these point-of-use stations helps them save a good chunk of money year over year. What’s more, helping everyone stay hydrated makes a huge difference in supporting their kids so they feel calmer and happier throughout the day!


Partner with Indy Soft Water for Your School Water Test!

Drinking water is such a critical part of our wellbeing. Let’s use these summer months to make sure your school drinking water is hitting the mark. It needs to be safe and tasty. Not only that, your facility should also be set up to be cost-effective with your drinking water. No more disposable plastic bottles. No more expensive water coolers with bottle deliveries.

Point-of-use water filtration is the way to go—and summer is the perfect time to get your school water tested and have those new filtration systems installed.

No matter where you’re located in Indiana, we can help. Our team at Indy Soft Water is passionate about providing affordable, eco-friendly solutions for drinking water filtration. Please send us a message so we can find a time to connect. Give the people in your community the safe and delicious water they deserve!