How to Get Rid of Parasites in Water (for Good)

As people in Texas experienced devastating power outages in February 2021, the focus wasn’t just on electricity. There were major concerns about water quality too. Even if you were able to get water at your tap, it wouldn’t necessarily be clean. The water treatment plants couldn’t function without power, so the state issued boil-water notices to help keep residents protected. But when it comes to parasites in water, there are actually better solutions.

What’s Actually Safe? Can You See Parasites in Water?

We rely on water to live. But if you can’t fully trust the source, then the water you’re drinking also comes with a fair amount of risk. And that’s true no matter where live. We’re all somewhat familiar with the lack of clean drinking water in various countries. Globally, exposure to protozoan parasites in water is the second-highest cause of death for children under the age of five. This horrible statistic underscores the importance of proper water filtration and sanitation. The problem, though, is that you can’t actually see parasites in water.

 We tend to think that parasites only live in water that’s outdoors, like lakes and creeks. That’s why we’ve been taught to not drink that water. But parasites can easily sneak into our tap water supplies too. Both here in the United States and abroad, even if your tap water is running clear, that doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe. The microscopic parasite Giardia, for example, is found in every region of the US. When the right sanitation methods aren’t in place—or they’ve broken down, like in Texas—then it’s crucial to have a reliable home filtration process in place.

Tap Water Parasite Symptoms

Parasites are living organisms that feed off a host. So in terms of tap water parasites, that host is us, after we’ve ingested bad water. This can happen by accidentally swallowing water at a lake (hint: don’t let your dog drink from different water sources outside) or even at an unsanitary swimming pool. In some scenarios, you can even get parasites from your home tap water.

If you’re wondering whether you’re in trouble with your own water, there are a handful of water parasite symptoms to consider, such as stomach cramps, diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting, dehydration, and weight loss. Naturally, when any of these water parasite symptoms arise, you’ll want to stop using and drinking that water right away. Then you can touch base with your medical provider to see what type of treatment options might be available to help you recover.

Given enough time, some tap water parasite symptoms will go away on their own. But others can get even worse if left untreated. (Crypto can even spread to your respiratory tract and other parts of your digestive tract.) It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Keep Your Family Protected with Water Filtration

Reviewing the top tap water parasite symptoms would be especially important if a boil-water notice has recently been announced in your area. True peace of mind, though, comes from having a home water filtration system. A powerful point-of-use filter means your drinking water gets cleaned right before it comes out of your faucet. Going with a reverse osmosis water filter is great because these systems are approved to remove parasites like Giardia. It’s honestly the best way to ensure your water is safe to drink, even during a boil-water period.

RO water filters that come with a “tested and certified by NSF Standard 53” label will also remove cysts and other tricky contaminants. Stay in the clear, and make sure your family’s water is clean and delicious year-round. An efficient RO water filter isn’t only good during times of crisis. It will give you tastier water for your coffee and tea too. To us, that’s a clear winner. Please contact Indy Soft Water to get your in-home consultation scheduled. Our team would be happy to help!