Pulp Functions: Marketing Support for Indy Soft Water!

Here at Indy Soft Water, we love supporting our community and partnering with other locally-owned small businesses that share our values. Those are a couple of the reasons why we’ve been so happy to work with Pulp Functions.

We first touched base with them at the tail-end of 2017. (Big thanks to our friends at Ambre Blends for the recommendation!) Since then, we’ve tackled all types of content marketing projects together. In the slew of options for Indianapolis marketing companies, we’re really glad we’ve been able to find the right fit.

Why Pulp Functions?

Our team knows how to improve water quality inside and out. We also handle most of the responsibilities of running a business in-house. But there are some areas where we’ve needed extra help. Because our days are filled with serving our clients, it’s often been a challenge to keep up with our digital marketing work. We also have a lot of content pieces to create and send out on a recurring basis.

In order to continue growing, we wanted to get a solid digital marketing team on our side. And a good one! That’s why we chose Pulp Functions. We love having a digital marketing pro because the e-world is in constant flux. They offer a variety of content marketing services, so we’ve basically been able to partner with them as a one-stop shop. Personally, we don’t use social platforms, so we really can’t keep up. But as a small business, we understand their importance.  

Pulp Functions also takes a special interest in working with woman-owned businesses, nonprofits, and conservation organizations. Obviously we love that about them too!

Indianapolis Content Marketing—Behind the Scenes

We had a handful of different projects on our mind when we first touched base with Rachel Hickey, the owner of Pulp Functions. Our social media marketing was a little lacking, and we also wanted help with our Google ad work.

These days, Rachel is our digital identity. She is our voice, and she is our reputation manager.  Nothing gets past her. It is priceless to not have to worry about the 24/7 digital space.

Apart from our digital marketing, we’ve also relied on Pulp Functions for content marketing and the design work for our info sheets, price sheets, postcards, and loads of other materials. It’s really just a matter of talking directly with Rachel as our point-person and collaborator. Then she takes care of the rest with all of the right people on her team.

Our digital marketing efforts have naturally evolved over the years too, and Pulp Functions has always been ready to help us shake things up and offer new strategies. Recently, we’ve been making a “green” marketing switch to email reminders instead of printed mailers. Rachel helped us get the ball rolling with a new automated system. It’s been a great way to boost our efficiency both with our marketing dollars, as well as our own time.

Connect with the Pulp Functions Team! 

Being able to build a long-term relationship with your marketing company is a huge game-changer. For us, it’s really nice to work with Pulp Functions because they feel like part of our in-house team. We get to be creative together. Plus, we’re growing together, which is a win-win for everyone.

Just as Ambre Blends referred Pulp Functions to us, we love referring them to other small business owners. Whether you want help with a one-time project, or you’re looking for ongoing content marketing support, definitely reach out to their team. Be sure to let them know that we sent you!