What is this Pink Stain in My Toilet Bowl?

That ring of pink slime around your toilet bowl is a far cry from the squeaky-clean look you’re going for. But you’re not alone. Pink bathroom stains are fairly common. Once you understand the stain’s source, you’ll be able to get back to porcelain perfection.

What is That Pink Stain?

Water stains are some of the most annoying side effects of untreated water. After all, we expect our water to rinse away clear! If you’re seeing strange colors around your water fixtures, it might be a sign of a bigger problem. Depending on the shade of your toilet bowl stain, it’s probably one of two things. If you’re dealing with more of a red, orange, or rusty color, the problem is most likely coming from high iron levels in your water. Fortunately, there’s a one-step, permanent solution. A special iron filtration system will remove those minerals and make your water truly clean and clear—everywhere in your home. Seeing light pink? That’s usually some bacteria called Serratia Marcescens. Your water isn’t really to blame when it comes to these types of pink stains. Because the Serratia bacteria are airborne, they’re carried in from outside. They thrive in damp environments, but a couple simple practices will keep them from always showing up.

How to Get Rid of It

Step one for removing the pink slime: Ventilate your bathroom during and after you take a shower. The humidity will only encourage the stuff to spread, so try to leave your fan on for about 30 minutes. Step two: Add cleaner to your toilet bowl. No one wants to add another item to their cleaning list, but managing Serratia stains requires consistent effort. A quick clean once a week should do the trick. Just stay away from abrasive cleaners. Scratching or etching the surface of the bowl will only make it easier for the bacteria to collect and grow.

Call Your Water Experts

Poor water quality causes a variety of different issues around your home. It affects the taste of your coffee, your hair care, and even your daily chores (think scratchy, faded laundry or water spots on your dishes). If your bathroom is being plagued by more than just pink Serratia, you might benefit from an upgraded water system. Water with lots of iron and manganese is likely to stain your laundry and fixtures. But other, more common minerals can still do damage. You might have green deposits on your fixtures. Or hard water that creates soap scum around your bathtub. It’s a real pain when you want to have a spotless bathroom. Want to get rid of those chores for good? Forget the scrub brush! You can tackle those problems once-and-for-all with a water softener. It’s a truly worry-free solution. The unit treats your water before it even enters your home—so you won’t see any more scale buildup. Ever.