Indy Water Case Study: St. Monica Catholic School

With concerns about safe school water rising in recent years, we were really happy to hear from St. Monica Catholic School last fall. As a leader in school health and wellness, they wanted to make sure the water in their facility was top-notch and tasty.

About St. Monica:

St. Monica School is known for its diverse community and caring environment. They take their students’ health and wellbeing very seriously, and they support this mission with a pretty detailed school wellness policy. (It’s actually the most extensive wellness policy in the archdiocese.) Naturally, they like to keep a close eye on their school water quality.

School Water Concerns:

According to St. Monica Principal Eric Schommer, the school water concerns started with safety and taste. They wanted to make sure the water provided to students and staff was safe to drink, but just as important—it needed to taste good. St. Monica School contacted Indy Soft Water back in November 2016 for a water consultation.

We tested their water at each of their fountains and came back a couple weeks to share the results. The good news was that St. Monica had lead-free water. The bad news? No one liked drinking it!

The Filtration Solution:

Even though the water was technically safe for consumption, it still tasted (in their words) “gross.” Poor taste was affecting the amount of water people were drinking during school hours. So, odds were, they weren’t getting their recommended daily servings. If they wanted their community to stay hydrated, they knew they needed to make a change. Fortunately, there was a relatively simple fix.

Delicious water goes hand-in-hand with better hydration, so all they needed to do was upgrade their water fountains. The latest Safe Fountain Systems can purify drinking water right at the tap, so you don’t have to deal with any contaminants or bad tastes.

St. Monica also installed eco-friendly Bottle Fillers at a few of their fountains. These setups are great for facilities who want to reduce their plastic waste—something this school is all about. Now students can bring their favorite reusable water bottle from home and fill up throughout the day. It’s constant hydration at its finest!

The St. Monica PTO funded their school water fountain upgrades in April 2017, and they’ve already seen a huge success with student and faculty engagement. This year’s Summer Camps at St. Monica are bound to be refreshing as well. Enroll today, and be sure to bring a water bottle—we know you’ll love the school’s new water setup.