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When to Choose Water Softener Rental vs Buying

Living with hard water isn’t just hard on our skin and hair. It also interferes with all of the water-using appliances in our homes. The mineral buildups left behind by hard water can ruin the efficiency of water heaters and dishwashing machines. You’ll also be dealing with scratchy laundry and those hard, crusty minerals on […]

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5 Types of Water and How They Differ

Have you ever wondered about different types of water and how they compare and contrast with one another? For instance, how is distilled water different from drinking water (or is it?)? Some differences are more evident than others, but they can still be confusing. For this reason, Indy Soft Water – Carmel reviews five types […]

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Why Hard Water in Winter Is the Worst

There is no denying that winter can be brutal. Winter months cause your skin to become dry, itchy, and flaky. You try to moisturize and warm up with a hot shower or relaxing bath, but does it help? Depending on your water situation, it may do more harm than good. In this post, Indy Soft […]

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What to Do About Hard Water Buildup in Hair

Do you wash your hair endlessly only to find that you can’t remove hard water hair buildup? It often impacts the texture, weight, and overall manageability of your hair. Even worse, it doesn’t seem to get any better with clarifying shampoos and treatments. If this sounds familiar, you may have a hard water issue. Don’t […]

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How to Tell If Hard Water Is Causing Issues in Your Home

One of the benefits of adulting is that you get to deal with all kinds of fun homeowner issues, such as maintaining your lawn and combating hard water. After all, you want your loved ones and your material items to be at their best and to protect them for years to come. Fun or not, […]

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Should You Purchase a Water Softener or Rent from Indy Soft Water?

Hard water leaves residue on sinks, tubs, and showers. It’s also hard on appliances, dishes, hair, and skin. You may understand the benefits a water softener provides, but wrestle with whether it makes sense to purchase a water softener or rent one. At Indy Soft Water, we help our customers navigate this and other questions. […]

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