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Top 3 Problems with Indiana Water

Just as every region in the country has its own unique perks with their scenery and different types of weather, they also have specific concerns with their water. Each state (and really, every county in every state) has certain water quality issues to address. Looking at Indiana Water QualityEveryone has a right to drink clean water, […]

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Pulp Functions: Marketing Support for Indy Soft Water!

Here at Indy Soft Water, we love supporting our community and partnering with other locally-owned small businesses that share our values. Those are a couple of the reasons why we’ve been so happy to work with Pulp Functions.We first touched base with them at the tail-end of 2017. (Big thanks to our friends at Ambre […]

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Find Sanctuary with the Indiana Forest Alliance

We spend time in nature to enjoy ourselves, get fresh air, hike and play, find beauty, lower our stress, and find peace. That’s why advocating for Indiana’s native forests is a cause we should all get behind—because it benefits everyone. Our state’s hardwood ecosystems give us a welcome escape from the bustle of our neighborhoods […]

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Carmel Water Quality and Filtration Solutions

All across the country, when you go to different cities, there are different things to see. Every area has its own unique characteristics. You’ll even notice differences with the water. From the water in your morning shower to the ice in your drink, water quality changes depending on the area’s water treatment process and other […]

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Here’s the Scoop on Indianapolis Water Quality and Algae

Every season has a natural ebb and flow with new growth and decay, but some environmental impacts can upset that balance. Fertilizer runoff and other sources of nitrates work to speed up the spread of blue-green algae in our waterways. That’s greatly impacts the local wildlife, as well as our drinking water quality. Fortunately, there […]

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Appreciation for Coburn Place and Safe Homes

We hear this phrase all the time: Every little bit counts. And yes, at times that sounds like a broken record for every great cause. But that’s just because it’s so true. The small steps we take individually, and ho