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Indy Soft Water Case Study: Indie Coffee Roasters

We can all find a place at Indie Coffee Roasters! Their culture is to be as helpful as possible, and as a result, they’re creating the type of experiences where anyone who walks through the door is going to have a better day. They currently have one location in Downtown Carmel and another in West […]

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Indy Soft Water Case Study: Snakeroot Botanicals

We adore all things “green” at Indy Soft Water, so it’s no surprise that we’re huge fans of the team at Snakeroot Botanicals. They carry an amazing selection of indoor and outdoor plants. And with two fantastic locations (one in Broad Ripple, the other in Fountain Square), they’re definitely a staple destination for both seasoned […]

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Now’s the Time: Get Your School Drinking Water Tested

As school maintenance crews gear up for summer and upgrades around the campus, there’s one area that shouldn’t get overlooked. Your school drinking water quality needs to be tested on a regular basis to ensure that it’s safe. The summer season is the perfect time to get that done. Then you can make your school […]

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April Showers: Indiana Groundwater

Rainy days and thunderstorms might not always be convenient for our plans to get outdoors, but they’re actually a cause to celebrate! Consistent rainfall with spring showers is what keeps our Indiana groundwater supply at healthy levels. And without a reliable source of groundwater, our entire supply of freshwater would be put at risk.It’s all […]

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Why Your Office Water Cooler Isn’t Cutting It

For decades, the office water cooler and those five-gallon jugs have been a staple in the office setting. They’ve been a place for conversation and have provided fresh drinking water to your employees – or so you thought. But, in recent years, the need and desire for fresh, clean drinking water in the office have […]

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Why Hard Water in Winter Is the Worst

There is no denying that winter can be brutal. Winter months cause your skin to become dry, itchy, and flaky. You try to moisturize and warm up with a hot shower or relaxing bath, but does it help? Depending on your water situation, it may do more harm than good. In this post, Indy Soft […]

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