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How Quality Drinking Water Improves Health and Well-Being

Virtually everyone understands that water is essential to survival. While people can last weeks without food, they can only last a couple of days without water. In addition to survival, quality drinking water impacts health and well-being in numerous positive ways. Indy Soft Water is on a mission to provide quality water, and this post […]

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Protect Your Drinking Water from Harmful Contaminants

People use Indy Soft Water reverse osmosis and whole-house water filters for many reasons. First, the drinking water generally tastes better. Second, filtering water helps eliminate contaminants missed in city water filtration. Finally, some people require filtration for health reasons. Here’s why.

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Should You Purchase a Water Softener or Rent from Indy Soft Water?

Hard water leaves residue on sinks, tubs, and showers. It’s also hard on appliances, dishes, hair, and skin. You may understand the benefits a water softener provides, but wrestle with whether it makes sense to purchase a water softener or rent one. At Indy Soft Water, we help our customers navigate this and other questions. […]

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