5 Ways to Get Kids to Drink More Water

Water is one of the most important things you can put into your body, so your child must have enough water in their diet. So how much water should your child be drinking? The recommended daily amount is 5 glasses (1 liter) for 5 to 8-year-olds, 7 glasses (1.5 liters) for 9 to 12-year-olds, and 8 to 10 glasses (2 liters) for 13+ years. One way to make sure children stay hydrated is to incorporate as much water as possible into their diets! 

1. Juice it up

One tip that never fails to help children drink more water is by adding a splash of their favorite juice to the cup! By giving them a familiar flavor that they already love, they’ll be able to drink their favorite juice all day, all while getting the proper amount of water. If you have a picky child, start with a higher juice-to-water ratio and then slowly decrease the amount of juice and increase the amount of water.

2. Fun cups

Every child has a favorite cup, you’re most likely picturing your child’s favorite cup right now, so try giving your child some water in their favorite cup and encouraging them to drink more water! By giving your child control over what cup they want their water in, you’re allowing them to make a choice and giving them control without allowing them to choose their drink! Try adding a silly straw for even more fun. 

3. Make it a game

With a creative mind like a child’s, anything can be a game! This can be as simple or complex as you feel necessary. By incorporating fun stickers or even making it a contest to see who can drink more water that day with a sticker to mark each glass or coloring in part of a chart to complete your daily amount, your child will be eager to drink more water and it may even help parents reach their daily quota too!

4. Reduce access to alternative drinks

By reducing the number of alternative drinks your child has access to, your child will naturally drink more water. You can phase out the drinks your child typically prefers by adding a splash of these drinks to your child’s full cup of water to give them a taste of the drink without giving them too much of a poor option.

5. Give them some insight

No matter the age of your child, try explaining to them the importance of drinking water! With positive wording and enough excitement from you as a parent, you can help your child create a positive mindset when it comes to drinking water without the tips and tricks. By giving children a valid reason to want to stay hydrated…try lines like “If you drink this whole glass of water, you’ll have more energy to play!” or “Drinking water helps you think so your brain can think faster than ever.”

Try any of these simple tips and you’ll have a happy and hydrated child!