3 Signs Your Employees are Dehydrated

We all know the importance of clean, fresh drinking water in the workplace. As an employer, it’s legally your responsibility to provide this resource. But, providing your team with a point-of-use water cooler from Indy Soft Water – Carmel doesn’t just mean they have access to clean drinking water. It also means you help boost productivity, motivation, and hydration in your office. So, how can you tell if your employees aren’t drinking water throughout the day? Here are three key signs.

3 Signs Your Employees are Dehydrated

1. Lack of Focus

Depending on your company and the work environment, some of your employees might need to maintain strict focus. But, if they’re dehydrated, focusing becomes nearly impossible. So, if you start to notice that one or more team members aren’t “on top of their game”, then you might encourage them to take a break and refill their cup.

2. Excessive Snacking

We know that having snacks at work can help keep people motivated. Sometimes, a growling stomach makes it nearly impossible to stay motivated or seated. But, if you see team members snacking excessively, they could just be dehydrated. Drinking water can actually help curb appetites and it can also keep people engaged and motivated throughout the day.

3. Fatigue

When the body doesn’t have enough water, the brain is usually the first to experience symptoms of dehydration. When this happens, your team members may start to complain of headaches or even feelings of fatigue and grogginess. Here’s where you can encourage a break and cup refills of that clean, crisp hydration.

Give Your Company What It Really Needs

No, you don’t need more coffee or snack options! What your company needs is a better hydration solution for everyone. The point-of-use water coolers from Indy Soft Water provide that cold, clean refreshment your team members crave. Don’t have room for the water cooler? Then ask us about our Reverse Osmosis systems or any of our other high-efficiency systems. We proudly serve businesses throughout Carmel, Fishers, and Westfield, IN. So, contact us today at (317) 228-9822.