4 of the Best RO Water Filter Features to Check

Choosing a new water filter introduces all sorts of questions. Do you want to go the cheap route, and only address chlorine in your tap water? Or do you want more detailed filtration, and something that tackles even the toughest contaminants and chemicals? Reverse osmosis, or RO water filters, are great because they give you … more »
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5 Explanations for Low Home Water Pressure

We usually first start to notice low water pressure with our showerheads. But the problem may have been going on for longer than you realized. Low water pressure can impact all areas of your home in subtle, yet still costly ways—from a struggling hot water heater to washing machines that take longer and longer to … more »
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Carmel Water Quality and Filtration Solutions

All across the country, when you go to different cities, there are different things to see. Every area has its own unique characteristics. You’ll even notice differences with the water. From the water in your morning shower to the ice in your drink, water quality changes depending on the area’s water treatment process and other … more »
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Does My Water pH Actually Matter?

Swapping out a can of soda for a bottle of water generally sounds like a healthy choice. But what happens when you go with alkaline water? Does that mean you get extra benefits? Alkaline Water Health and Body pH We all know that hydration is important. And our water pH is definitely important too. That’s … more »
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Want a Free RO System? Take the Clean Water Pledge!

There are plenty of small steps we can take to make a positive difference in our local community—and for the environment. That’s why we want to shine a light on water conservation this month. To help spread the word, we’re excited to donate one of our most popular home water filtration systems to support a … more »
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