Hydration and Cognitive Focus

Water is a part of our everyday lives, so much so that we have a tendency to take it for granted, but being mindful and taking advantage of all that clean water has to offer can have an astounding effect on our overall health in many different ways. Proper Hydration What is proper hydration? Some … more »
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Is It Time for a New Water Softener?

With so many appliances in your home, it can be hard to stay on top of maintenance schedules. Water Softeners are a luxury that allows us to have water free of mineral deposits, as well as unpleasant tastes and odors. Knowing the signs of a failing water softener can help you to get the most … more »
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Do Water Softeners Remove Chlorine?

When you start looking into water quality, one of the biggest concerns that pops up is usually chlorine. The water treatment plants add chlorine to our water as a disinfectant. So if you don’t have a way to filter the chlorine out, you’ll end up drinking chlorine and using chlorinated water for your showers, the … more »
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How Water Filters Care for the Planet

When you’re passionate about supporting the planet, every day can become Earth Day. You probably already practice conservation by turning off the lights in empty rooms or shopping with reusable bags. In our opinion, living “green” doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Even minor adjustments to you and your family’s lifestyle can make a difference. … more »
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