Indy Soft Water Case Study: Bierman ABA

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We talk a lot about home water filtration here at Indy Soft Water, but we’re equally passionate about having clean water everywhere around town. You might have a great water filter in your kitchen, but what about the other places you go? Where else can you fill up your reusable water bottle and know that it’s clean?

From the office breakroom to your kid’s extracurricular activities—you’ve got to have good water. (See our article on tasty coffee at work, and this feature on our friends at Hoosier Heights.) We’ve got the water filtration systems that business owners need to keep their staff and guests happily hydrated. And we’re proud to include Bierman ABA on our happy client list, too!

About Bierman ABA:

Founded in 2006, Bierman ABA works to provide engaging and effective therapy for children with autism. Here in Central Indy, they serve families at three different locations in Avon, Westfield, and Indianapolis. (They also have multiple locations in Fort Wayne, Indiana, plus sites in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.)

At their Westfield location, you’ll see lots of mini-houses. These really give the center a cute and cozy vibe. It’s easy to see that they’re passionate about creating play-based learning environments. Right when you walk in the doors you can tell that this place is made to be fun and welcoming for kids of all abilities. We really can’t say enough good things about these guys!

Their one-on-one programs address all kinds of different developmental skills, but their primary focus is on Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA therapy. Bierman ABA is also known for teaching a lot of self-advocacy techniques. They’re firm believers in making sure all kids have a voice, even if they’re non-verbal. Their goal is to help children become their own champions, at every age. That way, they can be better equipped to feel comfortable and happy at home, school, and wherever else they go!

Key Water Concerns:

Everyone at Bierman ABA is pretty active in their daily routine—kids and staff alike. In fact, most team members can easily get 20,000 steps in just while they’re at work. Consequently, these sites need a lot of water to stay hydrated.

In the past, they relied on water delivery. But this quickly turned into a costly endeavor for their thirsty team. They were going through multiple jugs of water a day, and no one felt too great about their setup. Storing the bottles for their water coolers was inconvenient, and replacing the jugs throughout the day was also a hassle. Plus, the kiddos would sometimes get their hands on the empty water bottles and make a game of things. (Talk about cute, but chaotic!)

Water Filtration Solutions:

Water delivery is expensive, so it made more sense for this organization to utilize the water lines that come right to their buildings. Instead of doing the heavy lifting of cycling through multiple water jugs a day, they decided to ditch the water bottles and go with a system that could filter their water in-house.

Of course, water quality is a big concern.

A lot of the families they serve follow strict diets, so it was important for them to get off plain tap water. Bierman ABA values having a good, clean source of water, and we knew they’d love a reverse osmosis system. But since they go through so much water, it was clear they’d need a bigger system. Fortunately, we were able to hook them up with some high-production RO units!

By filtering water as it comes into the building, we were able to give them a super convenient setup for their drinking water. Now their staff, kids, and families can all fill up their reusable water bottles whenever they want. They don’t need to lift any more water jugs, or store them either! With just a push of a button, they basically get an endless supply of clean, filtered water. It’s a truly delicious setup.

Bierman ABA is an invaluable resource for families in our community. For a great sneak-peak of their services, check out their Getting Started page. You can also call their main office at (877) 943-8222. They are always happy to answer your questions!

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