Want Better Coffee? Simplify the Science and Start with Your Water

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Coffee is a personal experience. So really, when it comes to making your ideal cup and the coffee science, you can make it as relaxed or technical as you’d like! That being said, there are a few easy ways to improve your brew every time. Namely, with your coffee water filtration!

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The Science of Brewing Better Coffee

Some of us like coffee that has more of a bitter flavor, which we typically get with dark roasts. Other times, we may want to downplay that taste, so we’d go with a light roast. Because of this, the actual steps of brewing coffee won’t have to get too complicated. When you find a coffee roaster you like and invest in good coffee beans, then all you really need to do is experiment with different grinds.

If you sip your coffee and it seems too sour, just make your grinds smaller. Or if it tastes a little too bitter, go for some larger grinds. Another quick tip for using a drip coffee maker is to wet the paper filter before you start brewing to get a cleaner taste. Before any of that, though, you need to pay attention to your water itself!

Move Past the Unfiltered Tap Water

Whether you’re fixing up a cup of coffee with a French press, the pour-over method, or your trusty drip coffee maker, the ingredients for the drink will remain the same. You need the coffee beans, and then you need the water to actually make your brew.

Everyone is going to have their own preference for the types of beans and roasts they like. But having filtered water is a non-negotiable. That means bypassing our regular tap water and upgrading to a coffee water filtration solution that delivers clean, delicious water and nothing “extra.”

First off, we need to remove the taste and smell of the chlorine disinfectant found in our municipal water systems. This is probably the biggest hindrance to enjoying the full flavor of good coffee. Using chlorinated water basically destroys all of the thought and care that’s gone into growing, sourcing, and roasting your coffee beans. And why would you want to ruin that?

There’s also the issue of hard water minerals. Like chlorine, the hard minerals can compromise the original taste and aroma of the coffee beans themselves. Plus, when we don’t filter our water, the calcium and magnesium minerals that naturally occur in our local water supply can leave a rough buildup in our coffee equipment, which can quickly clog and damage those internal parts. This is especially problematic for expensive commercial coffee equipment. But with filtered water, we don’t have to worry about any of these setbacks.

What’s more, installing a home filter doesn’t have to break the bank. This is also true for locations that need a commercial coffee water filtration system. Having a filter right at your tap can give you high-quality water for just pennies a day. It can also take care of any lingering contaminants in your water, including lead that’s leached into your drinking water from older plumbing infrastructures.

There’s no reason to shell out money for bottled water for your home brews, or jugs of water for your company’s traditional water cooler in the breakroom. Today’s filtration solutions are cost-efficient, and they can help you have a fantastic cup of coffee every time.

Your Coffee Water Filtration Experts

Ready to upgrade your water? Just reach out to Indy Soft Water! We serve families, coffee shops, and other companies throughout Central Indiana, and we even have larger accounts located farther away. For us, it’s all about creating custom solutions.

We’re proud to be your local soft water and water filtration experts. Please send us a message to learn more about your options during a water consultation!

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