World Water Day 2022: Groundwater Sustainability

world water day 2022 groundwater Indy Soft Water 2203

The annual World Water Day first launched in 1993, and it’s designed to raise awareness for the 2 billion people who are currently living without access to safe water. That being said, it’s also a celebration for water’s role in all of our lives! A key component of that is to understand how we can […]

How Water Filters Care for the Planet

water filters earth day Indy Soft Water 1904

When you’re passionate about supporting the planet, every day can become Earth Day. You probably already practice conservation by turning off the lights in empty rooms or shopping with reusable bags. In our opinion, living “green” doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Even minor adjustments to you and your family’s lifestyle can make a difference. […]

13 Reasons to Stop Buying Bottled Water

13 Reasons Stop Plastic Water Bottles Indy Soft Water 1803

Leading a healthy lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with hydration. But all too often, people end up reaching for bottled water. There are so many better ways to get your drinking water! If you have the option to make a change, stop buying plastic water bottles. You’ll be doing the planet—and frankly, your budget—a real solid. 13 Facts […]

9 Low-Key Ways to Go Plastic-Free

water filters earth day Indy Soft Water 1904

Embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t always require radical changes or major sacrifices. And when it comes to reducing plastic waste, every small effort counts. From rethinking your shopping habits to opting for reusable alternatives, there are plenty of low-key and easily implementable ways to go green—and even collect some savings along the way! Sustainability Made […]

Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement Rental Form Agreement Step 1 of 2 50% Contact Information This Equipment Rental Agreement (this “Agreement”) is between Indianapolis Soft Water, Inc., 4148 W. 99th St., Carmel, IN 46032 (“Lessor”) and the following “Lessee”. The Lessor and Lessee are collectively the “Parties” Name(Required) First Last Phone(Required)Email Business Name Location for Equipment Rental(Required) Street […]

High-Efficiency Drinking Water Systems

Indy Soft Water installs only the most efficient drinking water systems. Our highly effective drinking water systems will filter your drinking water without wasting any water. Enjoy safe, pure hydration in an eco-friendly way. Contact us at 317-228-9822 for more information. We serve both residential and commercial customers in Carmel and the surrounding areas. Water […]

Drinking Water Concerns for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Drinking Water Concerns Autism Indy Soft Water 1805

We all want clean water for our families. And as the recent news reports have shown, it’s even more important for our children to have safe drinking water. Concerns about lead poisoning and questions about autism keep causing people to take a closer look at their water. It’s a huge topic, but we’ll try to distill […]

Why Some Tap Water Tastes Like Dirt

The water coming from your faucet shouldn’t have any weird odors, and you definitely don’t want it to have a funky taste. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Even water that’s deemed safe by the treatment plant can still have some undesirable characteristics. Issues regarding water color, odor, and taste can sometimes slip through because […]

5 Water Contaminants with Health Risks for Children

Drinking water contaminants are a concern for everyone. No one wants microbial cysts or lead in their tap water, but it’s even more important to remove them for our children. Understanding the risk factors with unfiltered water and how to prevent them can help keep your young ones safely hydrated. Compared to adults, children are more susceptible to toxic […]

What Algae Blooms Do to Drinking Water

Algae growth in our lakes and reservoirs can really explode when weather conditions are primed just right. Warm temperatures and low turbidity create the perfect breeding ground for the photosynthetic bacteria all over the country. Here in Indiana, the algae bloom season usually lasts from May to October. Dry days and excessive amounts of fertilizer […]

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