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5 Hacks for Better Coffee—at Home and the Office

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Coffee is one of those special treats that can be prepared in a dozen different ways. You can brew it with a cute French press, try your hand at pour over coffee, or go fuss-free with a Keurig machine (our fav at the office).

Whatever your preferred method, fixing your own cup of coffee isn’t just economical—it also helps you get the flavors you like best. If the coffee shop around the corner only brews certain roasts during the day, so what? When you have the beans in-house, you can always fix a cup yourself!

5 Best Practices for Brewing Coffee

The best coffee hacks hold true no matter what brewing technique you’re using, so be sure to use them in your routine at home, as well as at the office. Whether you’re prepping for a cozy Saturday or the next team meeting at work, these guidelines can definitely help give your coffee a boost.

1. Clean your equipment

No one wants to eat off a dirty plate, right? Well, it’s the same with your coffee equipment. If you’re using a drip coffee maker at home, be sure to give the basket and the pot a good clean between each use to remove the leftover, bitter coffee oils from your last batch. Even Keurig systems need a little maintenance now and again. Odds are, your office coffee maker is due for a vinegar rinse. (Especially if it’s been running with hard water.)

2. Get a consistent grind

The typical blade grinder isn’t too reliable for whole-bean coffee buyers because some of the beans get ground too fine, and the rest don’t get ground enough. The result is a not-so-good brew. Working with a burr grinder is best because it gives uniform perfection to your beans. But if you don’t want to splurge, get the coffee shop to grind your beans with their equipment. Or just keep things simple with pre-ground blends!

3. Take it off the heat

Once your coffee is brewed, don’t let it stay on the heat too long. Leaving your brewed coffee on a hot plate messes with its flavor. If you’re going to grab another cup in an hour, you’d be better off just storing the coffee in a nice thermos. Same goes when you’re brewing a pot of coffee for a group of friends or co-workers. Keurig users won’t have to pay this step much mind, but for all of the coffee pot users, this step is key.

4. Use delicious water

In reality, the water quality is just as—if not more—important than the coffee beans themselves. To get the best flavor profile from your coffee, you need great-tasting water. (Anything less is just a waste of good coffee!) Since our municipal tap water is chlorinated, it’s best to use filtered water. If you’re serious about good coffee, don’t limit yourself to a basic carbon filter. Check your area’s water quality to find the one that’s right for you.

5. Enjoy your cup

One surefire way of brewing a better cup of coffee is to take a few minutes to really appreciate your drink. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed and savored. So smell it, feel the heat of your mug against your palm, and just soak up all that goodness! The little things can make a big difference in your mood and productivity throughout the day. Don’t let your coffee break pass you by. Make it count by being fully present.

Get Better Coffee—Every Time

Whether you’re planning on becoming the next great coffee connoisseur or not, you can easily apply these helpful tips to your own brewing techniques—whatever they might be. It’s easy to brew your best coffee when you’ve got a streamlined system.

With a little experimenting with beans, clean equipment, and great water, you should be all set.

And if you need help stocking your company’s breakroom, know that Indy Soft Water’s got your back. Our commercial services cover Keurig setup, regular coffee pod delivery, and of course—awesome drinking water. Let us know if you’re ready for an upgrade. We’d love to help you take your team’s coffee and tea to the next level! 

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