2022 Resolution: Ditch the Plastic, Choose Home Water Filters

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Sticking to a healthy New Year’s resolution is easy when you start small and see instant wins. Home water filters can help. You get all kinds of benefits when you make a commitment to drink more water. Staying hydrated is better for us physically, mentally, and emotionally. And when you ditch the plastic and stop buying bottled water, you’ll end up saving a good chunk of money too. What’s not to love?


The Problems with Bottled Water

Numbers don’t lie. Tap water is hundreds, and often thousands of times cheaper than bottled water. Even worse, buying bottled water is rarely any different than filtered tap water. Since you can filter your water at home, it doesn’t make financial sense to throw money at bottled water. It’s just a waste.

Bottled water is extremely challenging for the environment too. We already have a devastating amount of plastic polluting our waterways. Paying closer attention to where we put our money can help curb the problem, as well as help reduce the emissions connected to manufacturing the plastic to begin with. Every little bit we do on a personal level can make a big difference for combatting these issues. One of the best first steps is to go with in-home water filtration.


Benefits of Home Water Filtration

From the cost savings to the convenience, home water filters are a great all-around choice any time of year. Especially at the beginning of a new year! There’s no reason to pay for plastic, and there’s no reason to tolerate basic tap water either. A new filter can make your water taste better than ever without the outrageous price tag of bottled water. Along the way, a good filer will also help ensure that your family’s drinking water is truly safe.

1. Couldn’t be simpler

Home water filters are installed right at your kitchen sink, with their own sleek faucet. No more lugging around packs of bottled water from the store to your car and then into the house. Just fill up your glass and your reusable water bottles at the faucet—without that “tap water” quality. Filtered water tastes so much better!

2. Long-term savings

People who opt for bottled water instead of home water filters are basically just spending their money on a company’s advertising. They’re paying for a label and a plastic bottle. Then there’s the added cost of the distribution. Compare that to filtering your water at home, and it’s a difference of dollars vs pennies.

Investing in one smart system, like a reverse osmosis filter, makes a lot more sense financially because then you’re only paying for the water you want and need. AKA—fresh, filtered water without the expensive packaging.

Of course, there are other options too. With a sustainable water filter, you can push your savings even further. These best ones are NSF-certified. This means they can still remove dangerous water contaminants without wasting any water during the actual filtration process. Plus, they’re super-efficient, so you won’t need to change the filter as often as other models.

3. True peace of mind

Removing chlorine from your drinking water is a pretty standard request around Indianapolis because our municipal water treatment process adds chlorine as a disinfectant. While this step helps keep our water safe as it travels through the pipelines, it’s not exactly ideal. Chlorine has a distinct, off-putting taste. Not only that, leaving it in our drinking water means we aren’t actually getting clean, pure water.

Fortunately, home water filters can correct that. You can even remove tougher contaminants like lead and forever chemicals too, depending on the type of filtration system you go with. Our team can help!


Let’s Talk About the Best Home Water Filters

Just how every family is different, every home’s tap water situation is unique. That’s why we always want to start with an in-home water quality test. When you know what the potential risks are for your drinking water, you can make sure you’re going with a water filter that will be up for the job.

We’d love to help you enjoy delicious water every day of the year—affordably, and without the guilt of buying plastic bottles. Just send us a message, and we’ll schedule a time to talk!

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