How Do We Treat Water with Algae?

The green muck found in certain bodies of water is becoming a bigger problem in recent years. Algae spreads fast, and as it does, it can add cyanotoxins into the water. Everything from murky ponds in the woods, to our local water supply can be affected. The Problem with Algae Cyanobacteria—otherwise known as blue-green algae—isn’t … more »
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Mind and Body Benefits of (Infused) Drinking Water

Healthy fads come and go, but if one thing is constant, it’s water. Staying hydrated does a world of good for our minds and bodies. Yet, all too often, we’re dehydrated without realizing it! Sipping on water throughout the day shouldn’t feel like a chore when it’s filtered and tastes good.  But if that clean glass … more »
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