The Safe Way to Wash Produce

Ever wonder if you’re actually washing your produce the “right” way? It’s easy to get spooked about foodborne illnesses, but will rinsing fruit and veggies even make that much of a difference? The truth is—it does! Plenty of food specialists have run tests to prove that you can remove 98 percent of bacteria by thoroughly washing produce … more »
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The Bizarre History of Chlorine and Our Drinking Water

Nearly every water treatment facility in the United States relies on chlorine disinfection. It’s been an effective water treatment method for over one hundred years, but recent scientific developments are causing many people to have new questions. When we look back on chlorine’s history, the so-called benefits may not be as “clean” as we initially … more »
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The 10 Coolest Water Experiments for Kids

It’s a great day when play is also educational! With these 10 water experiments, kids (and supervisors!) can explore some of the most intriguing properties of H2O. These tests are perfect for all ages. Just grab a few supplies (and maybe a towel) and you’ll be well on your way to learning how water works. … more »
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How Much Money Does Soft Water Save?

We talk a lot about the damage hard water can cause to your home, but it’s often difficult to comprehend the real trouble those hard water minerals are making. When you run the numbers, it suddenly becomes crystal-clear. Soft water doesn’t just save you time and elbow grease. Its perks can also save you cold, … more »
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