Decode the Color of Your Water Stains

Even when our tap water is clear, it can still create stains around the home. Porcelain sinks, toilets, shower heads and faucets can all be affected by water contaminants. Your clean dishes and laundry might show signs of water staining too. The stains can be nearly every color of the rainbow. It just depends on … more »
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Why does soft water make my skin feel slippery?

Using soft water instead of hard water creates a lot of nice changes around the house. Suddenly everything’s easier to clean. Those annoying water spots stop showing up on clean dishes, and laundry starts to feel soft again, not scratchy. But out of all the soft water perks, one of the most noticeable might be … more »
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What Algae Blooms Do to Drinking Water

Algae growth in our lakes and reservoirs can really explode when weather conditions are primed just right. Warm temperatures and low turbidity create the perfect breeding ground for the photosynthetic bacteria all over the county. Here in Indiana, the algae bloom season usually lasts from May to October. Dry days and excessive amounts of fertilizer … more »
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How Much Salt Should My Softener Be Using?

A common misconception about water softeners is that it’s the salt that makes the hard water soft. In reality, the hard water minerals are removed by the resin beads in the softener, but salt still plays a big part. Without it, the resin won’t get the charge it needs to make soft water. So in … more »
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