Gas Station Impacts on Our Local Water Supply

From running errands to running the lawnmower, gas fuels most of what we do in modern life. It’s a big part of our every day, though sometimes it can be good to get a little distance. We don’t really need a gas station on every other street corner, do we? Sure, convenience is nice, but … more »
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How Lead Enters School Drinking Water—and How to Stop It

Areas all across the country are still showing concerns about whether there’s lead in their drinking water. It makes total sense. New findings of lead in tap water have many families wondering if their children are at risk of being exposed. Not just at home, but at school too. While we can take measures to protect … more »
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10 Practical Ways to Fight the Plastic Habit in Your Home

Even if your family is super-diligent about recycling, there are still lots of ways to cut back on your waste. Reducing our dependence on plastic is a great place to start. The EPA reports that in 2013, only 9 percent of plastics were even recycled. Yikes! If we want to cut back on the amount of plastic … more »
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How to Treat Well Water

When you use a private well, your tap water is probably pretty different from your city water counterparts. Your water might smell faintly like sulfur, whereas the city water could reek of chlorine. You might have rust stains, but they could have hard water spots or hard scale deposits out the wazoo. Even if you … more »
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