Why is my ice cloudy?

Wondering how to get your ice at home as clear as the restaurant version? Making perfectly transparent ice requires a lot more than just a freezer and some water. When you dig into the science of cloudy ice, you’ll start to see that timing is everything. Filtered Water The first step in getting clearer ice … more »
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3 Fresh Takes on Homemade Lemonade

A big pitcher of homemade lemonade isn’t only quick to make, it’s really easy to customize. Whether you want a spiked lemonade for the adults, a fruit-infused beverage for the kids, or just a clever twist on an old classic, these homemade lemonade recipes are sure to please a crowd! Summer cookouts and picnics and … more »
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Top Ways to Save on High Summer Water Bills

Water usage always seems to spike in the summertime, but there are some easy ways to keep costs low even during the busy months. These top five tips (for using both outdoor and indoor water) can help homeowners curb water waste for good. So you can start feeling good about saving water—and your bank account—for … more »
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Why do I get rust stains from my water?

Water can leave stains when it has high concentrations of certain minerals. So, depending on what’s in your water, you’ll probably see different colors. The white or green scale buildup on faucets and showerheads tends to come from  dissolved calcium and magnesium. The rust stains around your sinks and toilets are caused by iron in … more »
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