5 Reasons to Collect Rainwater: The Original Soft Water

Rain barrels are enjoying a new surge in popularity, and we’re so glad to see them making a comeback! Generations ago, harvesting rainwater was common practice. The recent drought prevention efforts have made water conservation methods and rainwater collection more and more mainstream. Rain barrels are just another great example of the old becoming new again. They … more »
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New Health Risks Linked to Pesticides in Drinking Water

Water is vital to our health and very existence, but without the proper filtration it can damage our bodies. We get a lot of questions from our neighbors and customers relating to water contaminants. This week, we’re taking a look at pesticides in our drinking water. Recent studies have linked pesticides to birth defects, cancer, … more »
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Water Supply Contaminants in Indiana

Indiana tap water comes in contact with a long list of contaminants during its journey to our homes. The water has to travel far, and it’s exposed to pollutants all along the way. The water source, local treatment plant, and even the pipes that bringing water to our faucets have risks. A little education can help ensure … more »
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Are You Drinking the Wrong Water for Your Workout?

Whether you’re headed to the gym, jogging or biking outside, or cheering the kids on at the weekend soccer game, you know that hydration is key. It’s impossible to have a good workout—or climb, if you’re like our family—without a good source of water nearby. But why do so many of us opt for the … more »
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