How Water Could Be Your Home’s Secret Cleaning Solution

The easiest way to cut down on your spring cleaning time? Prevent those tough cleaning problems from building up throughout the year! The kind of water you use in your home can be a friend or foe when it comes to chores. Having a home softener will help you breeze through kitchen cleanup and can … more »
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Do we need minerals in our drinking water?

Our tap water contains different minerals that naturally dissolved into the water at its source. They’re not exactly bad to drink, but they aren’t really necessary either. Your tap water can have traces of iron, potassium, and sodium in it, as well as calcium and magnesium (the minerals associated with hard water). It’s those last … more »
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How to Choose the Best Water Softener for Your Home

There are a lot of factors to consider when you want to choose the best water softener for your home. The unit’s flow rate, regeneration frequency, and consumer reviews all play a part. One detail, though, stands above the rest. The king factor in selecting your softener isn’t picking a unit that relates to the … more »
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What’s in My Water: Greenwood

Indy Soft Water is proud to service the Greenwood area! Questions about the kind of water system that might be best for your home? We’ve got you covered. The water quality in Greenwood has a few key concerns. Knowing which contaminants are in your tap water will help you figure out the best way to … more »
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