I have RO water—do I still need a water softener?

A lot of people prefer the taste of water filtered by reverse osmosis (or “RO” for short). It’s a healthier and safer kind of drinking water, but it isn’t the only kind of water in our homes. Sure, a powerful water filter is great in the kitchen, but an RO filter only helps the water … more »
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How to Make the Most of your Costco Trip

Have you noticed that Greenwood and Indy’s Southeast side are booming? We’re expecting continued growth this year with more retail locations and plans for a new Costco. Pending a public hearing for rezoning (now set for March 26, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal), this store would be the first one to open on the Southside. … more »
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Why is my water cloudy?

Tap water can look cloudy for a few different reasons. Usually it’s not a big deal, but running a faucet with foggy, milky water isn’t as nice as having the clear water we expect. So why do you have cloudy water in the first place? There are a couple explanations for why that cloud is … more »
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Why Flint Happened and How You Can Protect Your Water

A lot of families have had concerns about their area’s drinking water since news broke about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. We all want to know that our water is safe, but there are a lot of factors at play. Understanding why lead got into Flint’s tap water can help us prevent similar issues from … more »
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