When Should I Add Salt to My Softener?

Determining how much salt your softener uses isn’t always clear cut. Your unit’s efficiency level, age, your water’s hardness level, and your household’s water use all play into how much salt your softener needs throughout the year. There are a few things to look for when figuring out whether to add salt to your softener. … more »
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3 Signs Your Softener Needs Maintenance

When properly cared for, an efficient water softener will rarely have any issues. These units tend to be low-maintenance but there are still a few things to watch for over the years. Simple checks and regular cleanings will help keep your home’s softener in tip-top shape, and your water as worry-free as ever. Many homeowners … more »
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Sodium in Soft Water—What You Need to Know

Everyone wants to know their water is safe, and there’s often a lot of confusion about sodium levels in soft water. It makes sense to have concerns about your water quality. That’s why we’re dedicating a post to review the hard facts on soft water and sodium. At Indy Soft Water we’re all about making … more »
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Why Healthy Water Supports a Healthy Weight

Your drinking water plays a major role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Proper hydration keeps your body’s joints and tissues protected and can even help with your weight-loss goals! But if you’re drinking the wrong kind of water, your hydration habit may be doing more harm than good. When it comes to health and hydration, … more »
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