The Secret to a Comfortable Winter

A guest article by: LCS Heating and Cooling We are in the very beginning of a true Indiana winter. It may be 50 degrees for a few days, drop down to 28 degrees over the weekend and back up to 40 degrees. First priority in our homes is heat! Despite the temperature outside, we want … more »
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Your Water Softener in Winter

Colder temperatures are approaching, and part of keeping our homes warm and cozy is caring for our major appliances. Protecting your water softener for the winter is easy—as long as you take the right steps for maintaining a decent temperature. It’s a lot easier to prevent damage or flooding to homes and buildings in the … more »
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Water Softening vs. Water Filtering

A lot of homeowners are confused about what a softener does for their water. How are water softeners different from filtration systems? And what good is a softener if you have a drinking water filter already set up? This week, we’re breaking down the Do’s and Don’ts of each system—that is, what do water softeners … more »
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What’s this green stuff on my faucet?

The hard, crusty buildup on faucets sure doesn’t help the “spotless” look we’re going for in a bathroom. If you’re struggling with keeping that green or aquamarine mineral buildup at bay, check out some of these cleaning tips. Really want to go the extra-mile? We’ll even explain why the stuff is layering up in the … more »
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Cooking with RO Water: Best Lentil Soup

You pick the best produce at the store for cooking—so why would you overlook the main ingredient for your coffee, tea, and soup? No recipe calls for trace amounts of chlorine, yet a weak water filter can let all those impurities leach into you food and drinks! In the kitchen, water quality counts for a … more »
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