Crazy Water Facts from “The Big Thirst”

We’ve finally gotten around to reading Charles Fishman’s 2011 book, The Big Thirst. (Spoiler—it’s about water.) We tend to keep a local focus here at Indy Soft Water, but Fishman does a great job of showing water’s role around the world, including water-dry Australia, India, and Las Vegas. Compared to other regions, we’re sitting pretty … more »
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What’s in My Water: Fluoride

Understanding what fluoride is and why it’s in our water is often a cloudy, confusing conversation. Most people are aware that their tap water (usually) has fluoride, but few know what “fluoride” actually means—or how it really impacts our children. Fluoride in Drinking Water Fluoride is a combo of the element fluorine and other minerals … more »
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What’s in My Water: Noblesville

Noblesville water comes from many sources, so it’s important to understand the area’s different water quality concerns. Various community groups and watershed alliances in Noblesville are actively working to protect the water sources, but we still have constant contamination risks. Unfortunately, when we face the facts, our drinking water in Hamilton County is probably not … more »
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